Tkay Maidza Switches To Fast Lane, Drops Fresh New Choon W/ Killer Mike

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Ya girl Tkay Maidza has had a bloody ha-yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge 24 hours: she’s announced her album, AND dropped a new collaboration track with none other than Killer Mike

Hey Guysss! my new single is being premiered on @triple_j morning w/ Matt&Alex tune in from 8am ? cc: @killermike @dannhume @fuckyoufromla eeek Photo : @andrewotoole

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The iconic rapper name-dropped Tkay when he gave a lecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the USsaying that our pint-sized rave rap star was “killing it”, and is a truer representation of modern Australian hip-hop comparatively to Iggy Azalea
Tkay told triple j that Mike’s shoutout in the lecture made it “much easier to ask him and he was totally down” to collaborate on her track. 

“[Carry On] is kind of about me going through troubles and he acts as a big brother, which is really cool.

I just meet a lot of new people and you just see a lot more things, which can be really cool but at the same time it’s really overwhelming… so, the song is me saying ‘there’s so many people coming round trying to steal something from me but I just want to have fun’.”
Listen to the new track below:
The new album, which is titled ‘TKAY’, is dropping on the 28th of October. 
Source: Triple J.