Tila Tequila Update: She Posted A Photo Of Her ‘True King’ Hitler For 420

Jesus flippin’ Christ. 
Former Myspace queen and star of her own reality dating show Tila Tequila is renowned today for being batshit fucking crazy. Some choose their words more eloquently, and say she’s eccentric, but a spade is a spade here at PEDESTRIAN.TV, and we’re happy to call it and say she’s lost her marbles. 
While the rest of the world was posting selfies of themselves sucking down bongs on social media for 4/20, Tila’s mind was elsewhere. Yep, you guessed it, she was thinking about Adolf Hitler!
Errrr…. okay. 
Hitler’s birthday is the 20th of April, but commemorating him is obviously not great, and her caption about the ‘TRUE KING’ and his legacy as if it’s positive is srsly disturbing. 
But while Tila’s love for a Austrian dictator who brutally slaughtered millions of people is truly all-new heights of point-missing, this statement from one of her fans ain’t far behind:
Here’s a crazy concept, but ‘believing in yourself’ and ‘being proud of what you believe in’ absolutely does not count when it comes to supporting genocide. Nope nope nope. 
Source: Facebook
Photo: Karwai Tang / Getty.