Viral TikToks Show How Bad The Lines Are At This Year’s Boxing Day Sales & Yep, No Thanks

It’s definitely an unwritten Aussie rule to avoid all shops on Boxing Day if you hate being stuck in long lines, surrounded by large crowds and spending a shit tonne of money. Well, now the annual no-go rule has been solidified after a bunch of punters recorded all the fucked lines at this year’s Boxing Day.

For folks who don’t know, Boxing Day has become one of the biggest sale dates of the year for savvy savers. It’s almost customary for shops to heavily discount their items on Boxing Day, causing people to pour in en masse for juicy savings.

Although it’s been 24 hours since Boxing Day, footage has emerged of ‘yuge crowd and lines sprawled across storefronts, shopping centres and even car parks — serving as a reminder as to why shops are a bloody no-go on December 26.

One TikToker, who posts under the username @subhekshasubu, went viral after posting the fucked Boxing Day lines at DFO, located in Sydney’s Homebush.

Does anyone remember that one American Horror Story: Coven episode where the witches go to their personal hell? One hell was working retail and another was dissecting a lab frog. For me, hell would be being stuck in a sweaty mess over Boxing Day sales.

Judging by this TikTok, which now has more than 46.7K views, the line is not even for a specific shop. This is a line in DFO’s car park to get inside the bloody centre.

“Why would you even bother,” one person wrote.

“I just went there and shocked and go home,” another person claimed.

Unfortunately, things don’t seem to be easier for our friends across the pond. Sophia (@sophia.almontee) posted footage of Boxing Day crowds in London and it looks like a hot mess.

“Just the longest queues for literally everything,” Sophia wrote in the caption on her TikTok, which now has more than 226.7K views.

Circling back to Australia, a Redditor also put Homebush’s DFO on blast for its Boxing Day lines on r/Sydney.

“PSA: Do NOT go to DFO Homebush today,” the Redditor wrote, adding a photo of the car park.

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As X Factor‘s King hater, Simon Cowell, would say: “It’s a no from me.”

Unless it was a Boxing Day sale on housing (and I mean a proper sale) then I would line up.