Just because our lives weren’t already filled with oddly-specific phobias, a professional snake catcher in Victoria has revealed the details of one of his latest call-outs: the retrieval of a live tiger snake from a bloody Christmas tree.

According to Barry Goldsmith, the fella behind Snake Catcher Victoria, the snake was found by a Frankston woman earlier this morning. She called Goldsmith to sort it all out, and took a photo of ol’ venomous mate for good measure.

After the snake catcher safely removed that scaly ornament, he posted the photo to Facebook. 

Look, it’s not exactly an ideal situation:

FWIW, Goldsmith praised his client Cheryl’s composure, telling The Herald Sun “I’ve had them screaming and crying” before. We understand it’s important to remain calm in situations like that, but come on, not even Christmas trees are safe now.

As for why the snake was there? Beats us, but we’re sure the lack of tinsel has something to do with it.

Source: Snake Catcher Victoria Australia / Facebook / The Herald Sun
Photo: Snake Catcher Victoria Australia / Facebook.