Disclaimer: the author of this here article actually stands to benefit from the findings of the research detailed below, as his family’s abode in northern Adelaide looks set to become pristine beachfront property. Sucks to be anyone else, though.

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Byron Bay will fare even worse – unless you’re into Splendour In The Mangrove.

Little old Adelaide could see its low-lying wetlands swell, to the point where your great-great-grandkids will wonder why Dry Creek’s name is so weird.

Melbourne would be especially rooted, with the current banks of the Yarra set to become mere guidelines. Adios, Elwood. Hello, canals through Southbank. 


You better believe the damage is similarly terrible across Australia – Lake Launceston, anyone? – and you can scope the projections for your locale of choice right HERE.

Source: The Age / news.com.au.
Photo: Coastal Risk.