Produced in association with Deakin University.

Stress is so unchill. 

This Aussie Uni Wants You To Smash Shit Up In The Name Of Exam Stress Relief


At this time, as countless students across the country prepare their bodies to run the exam gauntlet, Deakin University would like to stress that we all need to de-stress. As they rightly point out, anxiety is counterproductive and it’s always important to LOL and keep a sense of perspective, especially at this time. 

With this in mind Deakin has developed the VCE Stress Break, which you can check out HERE and watch the video up top.

This ‘virtual break-room’ is open for business from the 19th of October, streaming live at 5:00pm-6:30pm and will be around till Friday 23rd October.

Enjoy ^___^