Deakin Uni Used A Kath & Kim TikTok To Shade Its Rivals And We’ve Got One Word To Say To Yew

kath and kim

The Australian university has shifted its marketing efforts up a gear by posting the most hilariously spicy TikTok throwing shade at other universities.

Deakin University in Victoria uploaded the savage 11-second clip late last night, which at the time of writing, has been viewed over 30 thousand times.

The upload comes at an important moment for many graduating high school students in Victoria who are set to receive their ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) on December 16.

In previous years, uni marketing campaigns have usually been bland, boring and lacklustre with more buzzwords flying around than in a Silicon Valley tech start-up.

This year, however, we’ve been blessed by the TikTok gods with something that doesn’t use the phrases “unlock your potential”, “find your true self”, “experience the difference” or some nauseating bullshit like that.


truly our biggest burden 😮‍💨 #Deakin #fyp #uni #Australia #Melbourne #study #university #studytok #study #college #foryou #learn #kathandkim

♬ Im just like them only better – workingclasshottie

In the vid, we see the classic ‘two eyes and a mouth’ filter set on the backdrop of a Deakin campus building.

Next, we hear the ever-comforting voice of Kim Craig (née Day) from Australia’s favourite TV show in all of history (a fact, not an opinion), Kath and Kim.

“I’ve always been pretty, which has been a burden throughout my life,” the floating eyes and mouth say.

The next line is when the real tea begins to brew.

As Kim continues on her rant with “girls giving me the evil eye, thinking I’m up myself” – the names of every other major university in Victoria appear on the screen next to her.

The gals shaded by Deakin? None other than Monash, Vic Uni, RMIT, ACU, Uni Melb, Swinburne and La Trobe.

“I’m not up myself, I’m just like them, only better.” Ouch. That burn looks worse than Sharon’s sunburn in the season four holiday episode.

Tbh if I were those other universities, I’d 100% be wanting to drown my sorrows in a Billabong right now.

We’re desperately hoping this starts some sort of Avengers-esque civil war between Victorian university TikTok accounts but until then, this savagery calls for Barbecue Shapes and a bottle of Baileys to snack on while we watch the drama unfold.