There’s two types of people in this world: People who either openly or secretly love ‘Friends,’ and liars.

The most-difficult-to-hate TV show of all time (fight me) lives on in people’s hearts even though it’s been off the air now for 12 years thanks to endless reruns, GIFs, internet fanaticism, and general fondness for that rag-tag group of six New Yorkers living in that impossibly well-appointed Manhattan apartment block.
So great is the appetite for the series that we’ve pretty much exhausted all the archives of footage the show has, with very few secrets left to find.
Except for this. After over a decade locked in the archives, one intrepid fan has finally uncovered a mythical, little-known, little talked about “lost” episode of the series.
Well, kinda.
A YouTuber by the name of Kieran Humphries (posting under the sparkling username ‘Dogfood‘) has stitched together a “new” episode of the show from 125 of its previous episodes.
Using footage from across the series, and a series of ok-ish looking FX shots, the new episode tells the yarn where Chandler dies after being hit by an ice cream truck, and follows the rest of the gang as they deal with their sudden loss, as well as Chandler’s journey to the other side and adjustment to being a dead person.
The internet has sent themselves into a tizzy over this, and at 16 minutes it’s a hell of a watch. But if you can get past the jarring jump-cuts and constantly changing hair-styles, it’s kinda weird, and funny, and heartbreaking, and weird all at once.

So no one really did tell ’em life was gonna be this way, huh…

Source: YouTube.