The Internet Is Enjoying This Nightmarish Pic Of Trump W/ An Easter Bunny

After all the hubbub about whether the Trump team were going to be able to successfully organise the annual White House Egg Roll for Easter, it seems they did manage to scrape together a far more subdued event than in previous years. Congratulations to all involved.

Firstly, the best thing that happened at the egg roll was Trump signing some kid’s MAGA hat then tossing it directly into the crowd while the kid screams “NO!” Nothing can beat that.

But t has also inaugurated the most apocalyptic image of the year: Donald Trump standing next to a man-sized bunny, a vision that surely serves as a grim harbinger of nuclear war.
He used his address to tell a bunch of actual children that his presidential program is going precisely as planned, which they no doubt care about far more than eating chocolate easter eggs. Also – I stress this – he made the address while standing next to an enormous man bunny.
It’s actually mathematically impossible for a photo to exist of Trump standing next to a surprised looking anthropomorphic rabbit without the internet setting its roast lasers to ‘kill’ – so let’s skip the formalities of the occasion and just show you the shit:

Thanks to the collective hallucination of the terrifying bunnyman for confirming that we are all due to perish in nuclear hellfire, very very soon.
Source: Twitter.
Photo: White House.