Queenslanders (and regular Queensland visitors) of a certain age share a few things in common: early-onset sun damage, an unshakeable thirst for Milton Mangoes, and fond but distant memories of a big, yellow landmark in the Sunshine Coast hinterland that seemed to be there one day and gone the next. 

Well, slap on a green-and-gold legionnaire’s hat and rejoice, my sunshine state mates, because the Big Pineapple is comin’ back. 

Only in the Sunshine State @thecaseygreen I love me a good roadside attraction! Who could say no to The Big Pineapple #mytownmagazineqld

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The owners of the heritage-listed, peculiarly-proportioned giant fruit are planning a full revamp of the site, having already completed repairs to the 16-metre structure.

The Big Pineapple opened in 1971, and sits on a 162-hectare property that co-owner Peter Kendall says is about to be redeveloped to include glamping facilities, walking trails, outdoor sport and recreation facilities and an RV park. Kendall told the ABC:

What we want to do is make a food-based and eco-tourism-based destination that incorporates the existing big pineapple, but adds other things … and has outlets for local produce. There’s rainforest on the land that would lend itself to eco-walks [and] we’ve talked about things like zip lining.

Zip lining! Eco-tourism! Food! Plus they’ll be keeping the much-loved animal hospital and zoo, the Pineapple Train, and the unmissable Big Pineapple Music Festival

She’s had something of a chequered past, our giant golden girl, having closed and opened at least four times since 2003. After recent renos, the attraction is currently open to visitors again, though it appears the best is yet to come. 

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If you want a chance to have your opinion on the redevelopment taken seriously (just let all the monkeys roam free! Every tourist for themselves!), feel free to take that opportunity when the Big Pineapple herself hosts an Open Day on February 18.

Everyone else, join me in opening your too-tanned arms and welcoming the iconic spiny pine back into the Queensland Hall of Fame. 

Source: ABC.

Image: @huggie2018 /  Instagram.