The Cheeky Devils At The Noosa Temple Of Satan Want Satanism To Be Taught In QLD Schools

The Noosa Temple of Satan are are formidable bunch, they managed to get the pentagram symbol displayed at a Sunshine Coast hospital, and now they are pushing for Satanism to be taught in Queensland schools. They are literally doing god’s work, well no…actually they are doing satan’s work.

The Noosa Temple of Satan confirmed that at least two families have requested that their children be taught Satanic religious instruction in Queensland’s public schools. They are now pushing for other families to follow suit.

“We’re hopeful that this news will inspire other parents across the state to enrol their little devils into our Satanic RI classes,” said Noosa Temple of Satan spiritual leader Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon.
“The parents who have already signed up are doing a wonderful thing in ensuring the right of their children to access our classes under Queensland law. This achievement is proof that our great plans for the principality of Noosa and the whole state are starting to come to fruition.”

If you’re thinking that this is all one big meme, then you might be right. BUT these Satanists have every right to exercise their religious freedoms.

The Education Minister for Queensland Grace Grace (not a typo) has said that she will be doing what she can to make sure that Satanism will not be taught in schools, according to 7News.

But Brother Samael said that under Queensland law, Satanists have the same right as Christian missionaries to enter public schools and deliver religious instruction.

“Well, Grace Grace, we’ve got news for you. It’s going to happen on your watch,” Brother Samael told 7News.

Last week saw another win for the Satanists of Noosa, as they managed to get the pentagram added to the religious symbols displayed at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital’s multi-faith centre.

So what would a Satanic curriculum look like? Well there won’t be any sacrificing of children or animals. It actually sounds pretty reasonable.

  • Satan: Evil or just a misunderstood rebel seeking democratic power sharing?
  • Morals: How does a Satanist decide what is good or evil?
  • Invocations: how to start a parliamentary sitting or council meeting with a Satanic invocation instead of the Lord’s Prayer?
  • Chaplains: How Satanists can become school chaplains?

Yes ok, the devil works hard. But Kris Jenner still works harder.