The AU ‘Bachelor’ Is Airing In The US & They’re Gonna Judge Us Hard For These Batshit Moments

HBO Max is about to launch over in the US and I love that for our American mates, not just because it means the Friends reunion is one step closer, but also because international seasons of The Bachelor will be added to the platform, including The Bachelor Australia.

Yes, that means American Bachelor fans will be tuning in to years and years of Aussie Bachie goodness, from the whole demonic Blake Garvey incident to the Honey Badger shamozzle to the chocolate bath… my god, the chocolate bath…

The dating series is the pride of the US and they take it VERY seriously so I can’t wait to see how they feel about Australia’s take on the show.

Here are a bunch of iconic moments that I’m sure will ruffle some American feathers when the series airs.

Blake Garvey changing his mind about the winner (2014)

Based on all the PEOPLE and Us Weekly reports that I’ve seen banging around, US Bachies are rife with scandal, especially involving the finales.

But from what I’ve seen, the fans make a ‘yuge song and dance (even more so than we do, in fact) when things go awry, so I can’t wait to see how they react to the Blake Garvey shitshow.

ICYMI: Garvey was doing well as a Bachelor in 2014, until he backtracked on his choice of winner, leaving the entire country in shock.

Following the finale, it was revealed that Garvey and winner Sam Frost were no longer together, and later, that Garvey had instead picked Louise Pillidge, who was sent home in third place. Garvey and Pillidge ended their relationship in 2016, less than two years after the show concluded.

What a wild time, that was.

The melted chocolate bath (2016)

In 2016, Richie Strahan thought he’d win over front-runner Alex Nation by treating her to a melted chocolate bath and the imagery has been (for lack of a better term) a shitstain on Aussie Bachie history.

Thanks to intense shock therapy, I’ve JUST been able to get to sleep again, but I fear for the poor Americans who have no idea the shit they’re in for with that one.

“Game on, molls” (every year, tbh)

NGL, I’m a much bigger fan of The Bachelor, rather than The Bachelorette. Why? Because I don’t find bro downs entertaining, I much prefer to watch the reality series incarnation of Mean Girls, and boy is Aussie Bachelor rife with them.

Imagine how audiences will react to our ladies (Keira, Audrina, Romy / Cat / Alisha etc) with their catty comebacks.

Oooh boi, it’s gonna be glorious.

Honey Badger and his local yokel slang (2018)

Even we were baffled (and sometimes peeved) by Honey Badger’s incessant use of blokey slang – how’s it gonna sound to international viewers?

Like total gibberish, that’s what.

Not to mention his finale ep (2018)

Aussie viewers were livid, I repeat, LIVID when Honey Badger broke Bachie tradition by choosing neither finalist after all that anticipation.

How do ya think loyal American viewers will feel about it? Not great, I imagine.

But ya gotta admit, it made for some great telly, so hopefully they enjoy the rollercoaster ride as much as we did.

And lastly, Dancing Brittney (2019)

I actually think the Americans will be fond of good ol’ Dancing Brittany.

In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if they choose to adopt her as one of their own, just like that time US Bachie star Jared Haibon starred in our Bachelor In Paradise.

Her OTT energy might’ve been a bit much for us, but that batshit vibe will totally blend well with international ladies.