The Aus Open Is Looking Very Different This Year, So Here’s What To Know About ‘The Zones’

australian open tennis zones

Just like everything else over the past year, the Australian Open 2021 is looking a little different from usual. Yes, there will be many a tennis match, which is arguably the biggest drawcard, but there are some definite changes you’ll want to know about before you book your seat.

For starters, the capacity for each arena has been dropped, which basically means everyone will have some extra space while watching the action go down in the arenas. Second, the precinct has been divided into three ‘zones’ and that’s the thing you need to keep in mind when booking.

Basically, you’ll buy a ticket for one of The Zones and this will determine where you sit, eat, drink, and soak up the ~vibes~. Each one of The Zones has a different flavour, so it’s important to know whether you’ll be ordering fried chicken burgers or sushi, watching the players warm-up (or not), and what live music you’ll be chilling out to.

Zone 1: Margaret Court Arena

The Margaret Court Arena Zone is where there’s tennis going down near-constantly on the outdoor western courts. If you want to take some time away from the court and hang out, then you’ll want to hit up the Western Courts, where Chef Aaron Turner (head chef and co-owner of Geelong’s Igni) is bringing delicious little grab and go chicken bites as part of the Hot Chicken Project.

This is also the place to spread out on the lawn and sip drinks from the Four Pines and Grainshaker Australian Vodka Bar. Tickets start from $53.

Zone 2: Rod Laver Arena

Rod Laver Arena is the big dog of the Australian Open, where all the heavy hitters go head-to-head throughout the tournament. And yes, that does translate into a slightly higher ticket price (they start at $62), and a couple more food and entertainment options, too.

You’ll be picking up bevs at the Peroni Aperitivo Bar and Canadian Club Bar, then taking them back to the Grand Slam Oval for an afternoon in the sun. As for the food, Miznon is slinging Israeli-inspired eats, Chef Adam D’sylva from Tonka and Coda is bringing fried chicken burgers and Royale Brothers will be grilling up burgers every day.

Zone 3: John Cain Arena

Formerly known as Melbourne Arena, John Cain Arena is *the* spot to catch your favourite players warming up in the Practice Village. So, if that’s your jam, it’s important you know that it’s the only arena where you’ll be able to see it.

This zone will also have its own little slice of the Grand Slam Village, except the food swings a bit healthier in these parts. Hiro Sushi will be serving delicious little bites and you can grab a tipple at the Squealing Pig Wine Bar. There’ll also be more food, bevs, and entertainment on offer in the Eastern Plaza and Practice Village, and a heap of seating. Tickets start at $49.