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I am a very easily distracted person. In the time it’s taken for me to write this sentence, I’ve thought about half a dozen different things, changed the song I’m listening to twice and took a five minute break where I zoned off entirely. I also ate a biscuit.

It’s something I’m well aware of, have tried to change, and have since accepted that I have to work a little harder to pay attention for long periods of time. But it also does mean that I enjoy switching things up and tend to avoid super long activities.

So when I’m going to a big event like the Australian Open, I wanna be sure that there’s enough happening to keep me going. And mates: there is. Here’s a bunch of things going down so you, much like my attention-deficient self, can have a 10/10 time.

Excellent tunes

Just putting it out there, the Aussie Open is actually better than a lot of standalone concerts because literally every day there’s an act breaking up the play. And there’s more variety there than you can shake a stick at. Or a racquet. Whichever you prefer, ball boy.

From overseas acts like Billy Idol (yes, really) to homegrown faves like The Veronicas, Matt Corby (voice of an angel) and Jessica Mauboy, you’ll have a legit concert each day of the comp. Peep the full lineup here if you wanna schedule the perfect day to go for your incredibly niche music tastes (you know who you are).

Plus, you could even conceivably see it all for free, if you whack your details into the competition below for the chance to win passes on January 28 and 30, where you’ll be able to catch Broods and Matt Corby on the AO Live Stage respectively.

Food and drink

If you’re going to be spending the day scoping out the tennis and the music, then you, my friend, are going to need some hearty sustenance. Can’t do it on an empty belly, eh? So you’ll want to mosey on down to the Grand Slam Oval where there will be a veritable smorgasbord of food trucks and vendors.

And don’t get your tennis skort into a twist, because the bars will have screens for you to sneak a little peek when you’re lining up for a bev, to make absolutely sure you’re not missing out on any important sets.

But even if you do, between you and I, it’s kind of worth it to relax in the Aperol Spritz bar. It IS summer after all, so you might as well have a lil’ tennis tipple. I’ll allow it.

Imagining the racquets are lightsabers

Okay yes, this is still a tennis thing and it’s mostly in your mind. But just LOOK at this gif of ex-professional tennis player Flavia Pennetta whirling around a coupla lightsabers like a Jedi.

It’d be cool, right?


Okay ignore me, I got distracted.

Luckily you can get your own attention and imagination firing by getting hold of some Australian Open tickets (including ground passes, which allow access to Melbourne Arena), on sale via ticketmaster, or visit for more info.

See you courtside.

Image: Australian Open