The ABC‘s science communication TV show Catalyst has copped a lot of heat over the past few years. First they ran an episode questioning the use of cholesterol-reducing meds on shaky scientific basis, and then they were ridiculed for a episode they ran in February which linked Wi-Fi with brain tumours.

Well, the shit has hit the fan. Reporter Maryanne Demasi has been suspended until at least September, the episode has been removed from the website, and the entire programme is under review.

Scientists slammed the episode, which was described as ‘fear mongering’ – creating panic about the extremely widely used Wi-Fi tech. The belief that Wi-Fi is dangerous radiation is considered a fringe belief by experts, who believed that Catalyst gave the theory way too much credibility.

“Given that radiofrequency emissions are one of the most heavily researched agents that science has ever assessed, and given that (contrary to Catalyst’s claims) no substantiated health effects have emerged, we can be very confident that the emissions are indeed safe,” Professor Rodney Croft, a University of Wollongong radiation expert said back in February.

Well there you go. You can turn your router back on now.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald.

Photo: ABC.