Telstra‘s feeling the Mardi Gras love, folks, and they’re keen to share it with all of you. This weekend, the telco will be giving free Wi-Fi to absolutely everyone.

Seriously, everyone. Even if you’re not with Telstra, there’s still free Wi-Fi for you. From Friday the 1st of March until Sunday the 3rd of March, Telstra Air will be free at over 4,000 hotspots across the country.

Telstra Free Love Wi-Fi will be broadcast at Telstra Air payphones – the ones with pink boxes above them (like the one below), or with the colourful logo in the picture at the top of this page. You’ll also be able to access it at most Telstra stores. The company will be re-branding a whole bunch of its payphones in Sydney to get extra festive.

Telstra Is Giving Away Free Wi-Fi To Everyone This Weekend For Mardi Gras

It’s always awesome to see big companies like this get behind events like Mardi Gras, so a massive kudos to Telstra on this one.

Image: Telstra