I’m sure everyone remembers that little red Fisher-Price car that you would fang around in as a child, causing major havoc in your living room by mowing down your siblings/pets/pot plants/expensive television set/whatever else happened to be in your path.

You know, this lil’ guy!

That Toy Car From Your Childhood Is Now Lifesize, Roadworthy & For Sale

Well, some insane genius has decided to bring those memories back into our lives, and has created an IRL lifesize version of that car. That you can actually drive. On roads. With a license plate and everything. 

Here, here’s a video, in case you don’t believe us:

Apparently it was modelled after the Daewoo Matiz, which is obviously TOTAL UNABASHED BOLLOCKING LIES, because it’s the spitting image of the plastic red masterpiece from all of our 90s childhoods.

The best news is: IT’S FOR SALE. The creator, John Bitmead of Attitude Autos in the UK has chucked the car up on Ebay, and he’s asking a mere £21,500 ($45,000 AUD) for it (it’s clearly worth millions, IMHO).

A word of warning: you will have to fight us for it. 

via BBC.