A Lifesize Yeezus Statue W/ Legit Yeezys On Has Appeared & Oh God What Now

Celebrity sightings would be pretty common in Hollywood, but here’s a new one: Kanye West, looking like Jesus post-crucifixion, wearing Yeezy sneakers, as a life-size solid gold statue. 

But yeah, that’s what’s appeared on Hollywood Boulevard
A life-size Kanye West/Jesus (literally Yeezus) statue popped up overnight with a plaque at the bottom emblazoned in the ‘Life of Pablo’ font, ‘FALSE IDOL‘. 
Passersby are bemused or entertained, but mostly pretty sceptical:

On his album called ‘Yeezus‘, Kanye has a track called ‘I Am A God‘. (Judd Apatow even confirmed recently that Kanye, during the filming of his cameo in ‘Anchorman 2‘, was pondering out loud if he should call the aforementioned album ‘I Am Jesus‘ or ‘I Am God’.)
So, it’s not exactly farfetched for people to think that it was Kanye himself who placed the statue on Hollywood Boulevard.

HOWEVER: t’was not ‘Ye
Turns out that it was a street artist called Plastic Jesus. He explained the statue to The Hollywood Reporter, saying:
“[West is] a genius at writing and producing but he’s not a God, and that’s where we put him. Until there’s an issue in his life or a hiccup in his career, then we crucify him.

By all means, treat and respect these people as artists, but don’t make them into gods—because we crucify our gods.”
Pretty strange coming from guy who’s own artist name includes ‘Jesus‘ himself, but alllllllrighty then.
The statue will also reportedly be a part of Plastic Jesus’ exhibition with Billy Morrison, called ‘Anesthesia: The Art of Oblivion’.
Source: THR.
Photo: Mark Metcalfe / Getty.