‘Teacher’s Pet’ Podcast Drops New Ep In Aftermath Of Chris Dawson’s Arrest

The Teacher’s Pet, the hit podcast which reignited widespread public interest in the unsolved 1982 disappearance of Sydney woman Lynette Dawson, has released a new episode after yesterday’s arrest of her husband Chris Dawson.

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The episode, simply titled Arrest, outlines the immediate reaction to the news that Dawson is set to be charged with his wife’s murder.

Host Hedley Thomas described the response to the news within the podcast production and among Lyn Dawson’s elated family members, who have long called for justice in the cold case.

Discussing a call from his The Australian colleague at Dave Murray, Thomas said “He sounded slightly out of breath. Dave kept it brief, He just said ‘Mate, Chris Dawson’s been arrested. My telephone’s been running hot.’”

Thomas went on to describe a flurry of activity, as Lyn Dawson’s family members described their relief at the news of Chris Dawson’s arrest.

But the podcast also outlined the short statement provided by Chris Dawson’s family, saying “clear and uncontested evidence” shows the 70-year-old is innocent.

ABC reports Dawson today left Southport watch house on the Gold Coast to be extradited to New South Wales, where he will be formally charged over his wife’s murder.

There are concerns a jury trial could be influenced by the massive public interest in the case, much of which has been stoked by The Teacher’s Pet.

Indeed, NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller yesterday told reporters that two new statements, which have formed a part of the Department of Public Prosecution‘s brief of evidence against Dawson, “were the by-product of the media and the work that the media has done.”

Still, the odds of the Walkley Award-winning podcast ceasing its coverage of the case seems highly unlikely. You can catch the latest update HERE.