NSW Police Outline New Developments Leading To Arrest Of Chris Dawson

More details have emerged about the lead-up to this morning’s arrest of Chris Dawson in relation to the suspected murder of his wife, Lynette Dawson.

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NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller told reporters in Sydney that new evidence, including “statements from witnesses that helped us tie the pieces of the puzzle together,” lead the Department of Public Prosecutions to seek Dawson’s arrest this week.

During his statement, Commissioner Fuller thanked the public for their assistance in “solving” the matter. In what appears to be a clear reference to hit podcast series The Teacher’s Pet, he said those additional statements “were the by-product of the media and the work that the media has done.”

Discussing the prosecution’s case against the 70-year-old, Commissioner Fuller said “no doubt it will be a voluminous brief with an enormous amount of evidence, and there will be a number of witnesses called.” 

Fuller said authorities have not located Dawson’s body, and that finding her remains is “not crucial to finalising the matter,” but maintained “we certainly won’t give up on that search.”

Lyn Dawson was last seen in Sydney‘s northern beaches in January 1982. The Teacher’s Pet presented evidence suggesting Chris Dawson was responsible for her disappearance, and that authorities had inadequately investigated the matter.

To date, he has maintained his innocence.

Dawson is expected to be extradited from a Queensland court to NSW today, where he will be formally charged with his wife’s murder.