#TBT: Watch A Young Joe Hockey Protest Against Increasing University Fees

This really is too good to be true. So Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey threw down his banhammer of a budget a couple of weeks ago now, and by now we’re all well aware of the consequences it will have for University fees. Deregulation means that schools will charge whatever they want (ie. a whole hell of a lot more) and re-aligning interest rates to HECS debts means you’ll be paying back an amount that grows at a much faster rate than before. We all know this to be true. And students haven’t exactly been quiet in voicing their displeasure about this, with multiple impassioned protests occurring across the nation.

But it’s worth pointing out that students protesting isn’t exactly a new phenomenon. In fact, it’s not even new for them to be protesting about increasing fees. In 1987, during the Labor government led by then-Prime Minister Bob Hawke, an “administrative fee” of $250 per student was proposed, which would increase the amount that University students paid for education by around $250, up from the previous amount of sweet fuck all.
Students weren’t happy. At all. And they took to protest to voice their displeasure, as documented in this Nine News bulletin.

And wouldn’t you know it! That chubby-cheeked youngster full of piss and vinegar at around 43 seconds in just so happens to be our old mate, Joe Hockey, in his days of youthful protest against raising University fees.
Ahhh, Joe. What happened to you, man? You used to be cool.
Photo: Stefan Postles via Getty Images.