TBH, That ‘Banksy Has Been Arrested’ Story Is A Hoax

The street artist more Pinterest boards prefer, Banksy, has not been arrested, despite reports to the contrary arising during the same time period in which a new piece by the artist appeared in Bristol

Late last night and earlier this morning, you might’ve noticed the easily-duped amongst your newsfeed propagating a story originating from a publication called The National Report [very official name, such authority] claiming that a raid on Banksy’s London studio had resulted in his arrest at the hands of a “24-hour Anti Graffiti Taskforce”; his identify purportedly revealed to be that of a 35-year-old male supposedly from Liverpool whose name doesn’t even warrant republication because it’s not real. 
“The Banksy arrest is a hoax,” the street artist’s publicist Jo Brooks confirmed to The Independent in what looks like a legitimate story from a reputable source, one reporting that all the information pulled for the original story came from a hoax website called PRLog. 
Who can say for sure though, really? What does it mean if something is ‘real’? What even is art?
Banksy’s HBO documentary about his New York residency will air on November 17th. 
At least we can say for sure what great PR is.
Photo by Justin Tallis/AFP/Getty Images; GIF via Tumblr