Banksy Bribes Band With Art

After positive reviews at Sundance and Berlin, we’re growing more and more excited about Bansky’s fly-on-the-wall documentary Exit Through The Gift Shop, a self-described “art disaster movie” which premieres in Australia next month as part of the Sydney Film Festival.

Rumoured to be in Australia for the premiere, we suspect that Banksy might be a bit miffed after city clean up crews accidentally painted over his work in Melbourne last week. But that wouldn’t be the prolific street artist’s first set back. For example, did you know that the film shares its title with a UK covers band? Well it does and to avoid any confusion with the film’s release, Banksy offered said UK covers band an original artwork bearing their new name should they decide to scrap the Exit Through The Gift Shop moniker. The band, known from this point on as Brace Yourself, said yes and now possess an original Banksy artwork (valued at £200,000 by Sotheby’s experts) for their troubles.

As always the work is witty and wickedly subversive which partially absolves the fact that a covers band opted to go with Brace Yourself aka the worst band name ever. Might come in hand financially when Brace Yourself: The Urkel Story goes into production in the year two thousand and never.

Photos Via The Guardian