Even Banksy Is Working From Home, So Now His Bathroom Is Full Of Pissing Rats

While we’re all at home, we gotta make the most of the space around us – and the exact same applies for street artists who aren’t allowed out to spray up some walls around the traps. Even famed, notoriously-anonymous artists like Banksy, who has had to work from home over the last while, which means that the only walls he has to work on are his own. Specifically, his bathroom.

The latest Banksy piece has popped up this week but you probably won’t be able to find it out in the world, because it’s located entirely in Banky’s bathroom. The revered graff artist has created a scene of absolute chaos in his bathroom, spraying up a nest of ratbag rats running riot inside.

Absolute scenes going on in this room, imagine waking up to find your partner (who is Banksy) has scribbled all over the walls, squirted toothpaste out of the tube, sprayed something all over the dunny seat, and generally just made a huge mess. All in the name of art.

Banksy gave us a closer look as well, so we can really appreciate the artistry here.

new banksy bathroom
new banksy bathroom
new banksy bathroom

Depending on how long the UK is following shelter in place, stay at home rules last for, Banksy could move on from the bathroom and his entire house might just end up as one big art piece. Imagine that – I reckon he could keep it preserved and then eventually open it up as its own gallery, where the art is the whole house itself. Now there’s a thought. Banky, call me.