The Newest Banksy Artwork In England Lasted A Massive Two Days Before Being Tagged Over

In a Valentine’s Day present to the art world, notoriously-unknown street artist Banksy left his calling card on a wall in the UK, and it took a whole two (2) days before the piece got vandalised by a graffiti tagger. This is simply why we cannot have nice things, I swear to God.

The piece, which shows a young girl slingshotting red flowers into a little explosion of colour high above her head, was spotted on the side of a house on Marsh Lane in Bristol over the weekend, and the artist confirmed it as one of his famed creations by posting it to his Instagram.

But it didn’t last untouched for long – an unknown tagger armed with a bright pink can scrawled “BCC WANKERS” over the piece within two days of it popping up.

Assuming that “BCC” stands for Bristol City Council, calling them “wankers” is just a flawless British sledge, innit.

As reported by the ABC, the family who live in the house have decided to cover up the Banksy artwork after it was vandalised. Kelly Woodruff, who owns the house, said they’re trying to figure out the best way to restore the Banksy piece.

“Due to the mindless vandalism to the artwork, the family have taken the very difficult decision to cover the artwork to try to protect it,” she said.

“All measures are temporary and we ask that the public are patient while we work out the best way to clean the damage, restore and protect it for the future, so everyone can enjoy Banksy’s work.”

The Guardian also reports that the family has been looking into protecting and preserving the Banksy piece from being vandalised again, with glass or something similar.