Tas Police Caught On Camera Repeatedly Striking Knife-Wielding Man After Detaining Him

Footage circulating social media shows a fairly disturbing incident involving several Tasmania Police officers detaining a man seen wandering the streets brandishing a knife. The footage also appears to show two officers landing blows on the man after he had been disarmed and detained.

The incident is said to have occurred this morning in Montrose, on the outer northern fringes of Hobart.

Police were called to a pharmacy at around 9am, attending reports of an in-progress armed robbery. After arriving at the scene, officers reportedly found a 20-year-old man from Berriedale exiting the pharmacy. After being confronted by officers, the man is said to have produced a knife.

Footage of the alleged incident shows a man, appearing unsteady, ambling across the road as officers attempt to convince the man to relinquish the knife.

A police car at the scene then drives into the man, knocking him to the ground.

Per the footage, the man then releases the knife and surrenders. He is then physically restrained by several officers, two of whom are seen landing blows on the prone man’s head and neck area.

The man is said to have not been injured during the arrest, and he was subsequently taken into custody. Two officers involved in the incident sustained injuries and are being treated.

Tasmania Police officials confirmed that Professional Standards have been made aware of the incident and they are reviewing the circumstances surrounding it.

No charges had been laid at the time of writing.