Sydney’s Barangaroo Reserve Made Public For First Time In 100+ Years

Sweeping Sydney harbour views have been unlocked and unleashed to the public for the first time in over a century, as NSW Premier Mike Baird officially opened Sydney’s newest park today, Barangaroo Reserve.

The $250 million revamp of Barangaroo Reserve has transformed the space – 10,000 individually crafted sandstone blocks and 75,000 native Sydney plants now populate the 5.7 hectares of parklands. The park also opens up a new view ripe for a picturesque sendoff to 2015, come December 31; Baird said any revellers who snag a spot at Barangaroo this New Year’s Eve will be “very, very happy,” according to SMH.

Former PM Paul Keating, who has been a long-campaigner for the reserve to be reinstated to reflect its original glory, attended today’s opening, noting the significance of the headland to Indigenous peoples. “What an opportunity to pay commemorative regard, to acknowledge the history and their long contribution to the land,” Keating said.

From images only taken on its first day open to the public, Barangaroo already looks L U S H as all hell. 10/10 would park.


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weird things seen in Barangaroo, edition 1

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Harbour Bridge

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The cutout underneath the park is awesome space #urbanpark #underground #coolspace #barangaroo

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via ABC.
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