Beloved Street Activist Danny Lim Rushed To Hospital After Confrontation With Security Guard

danny lim

Beloved Sydney street activist Danny Lim has been rushed to hospital after an alleged encounter with a security guard.

Lim, who is famous for wearing sandwich boards with peaceful political slogans throughout the city, became distressed when he was confronted by the security officer in Barangaroo on Wednesday.

As reported by Daily Mail Australia, the 79-year-old was allegedly threatened by the guard outside the former David Jones store located at the harbourside shopping mall.

At the time, he was sporting a sandwich board that read: “Peace love love love love smile 4 peace [sic].” He was also carrying a sign adorned with: “Be happy be horny more love not war peace be with you [sic].”

Lim told the publication that the guard asked him to leave the precinct and threatened to call the police just before 8 am.

“He say if I don’t go he’ll call the police,” he said. “He say I cannot be here.

“He told me they’re coming to get me. I say, ‘You just leave me alone’. A stranger came up and say, ‘Why you pick on Danny?’”

Two more security guards reportedly arrived to diffuse the situation.

A bystander named Gemma later told Daily Mail she approached Danny and the guards after being “worried” they “might be confronting him”.

“I went down to see if I could help or intervene,” she explained. “They were talking to him kindly. I’m not quite sure what their involvement is but the other security guard that had the altercation was no longer there.”

Gemma added that Lim was “very shaken” and said she waited with him after an ambulance was called to take him to the hospital.

“He’s in quite a panic, his body is shaking. Obviously, he’s very upset,” she said.

Lim told the publication that he’s “had enough of all this shit after what happened last time”.

The ordeal occurred just five months after the Sydney local was hospitalised when police attempted to arrest him at Queen Victoria Building.

During that incident, Lim cracked his head open on QVB’s tiled floor, which caused a brain injury that temporarily left him unable to speak properly.

PEDESTRIAN.TV has contacted Infrastructure NSW, who oversees Barangaroo security, for comment.