Danny Lim Still Can’t Walk Unaided After Being Bashed By NSW Cops


Beloved Sydney icon Danny Lim is still unable to walk unaided nearly two weeks after he was violently arrested by police and sustained injuries to his head.

Lim’s lawyer Chris Murphy published an update on Lim’s condition on Twitter on Tuesday which said he was still in bad shape.

“Danny Lim needs two walking sticks to get around,” Murphy wrote.

“He requires specialist medical help that will continue in two areas of damaged health.

“Outstanding witnesses have come forward utterly destroying any suggestion Danny Lim did anything wrong. A victim of NSW Police.”

The 79-year-old suffered a brain bleed and a black eye and was referred to a neurosurgeon on November 23, who decided the following morning it was safe for Lim to return home. But Murphy said he was unable to speak normally after the arrest and was still “very damaged”.

“Bleeding on the brain has shown up in the first scan and doctors are monitoring to see how that unfolds overnight,” Murphy said about Lim’s injuries at the time.

A video of Lim’s arrest showed him hitting the tiled ground of Sydney’s Queen Victoria Building headfirst while two police officers held his arms.

While he was on the floor, police handcuffed him and then sat him up. He could be seen bleeding from his forehead.

Lim spoke to journalists from hospital following the incident and said he had informed the officers of his PTSD and asked for help.

“I told them to ring an ambulance … they refused,” he said.

Witnesses have since come forward to confirm Lim was asking for an ambulance.

“He let them know very clearly that he had PTSD and that he needed an ambulance,” one witness told Guardian Australia.

NSW Police said in a statement after the arrest Lim was asked to leave the QVB by security and didn’t. Security then called the cops.

“Police will allege the man was subsequently issued with a move-on direction and failed to comply,” the statement said.

“The man’s arrest was discontinued after he struggled with police and sustained an injury to his cheekbone.”

Rallies have been held in Sydney in support of Lim to protest police brutality.

NSW Police initially promised an independent inquiry into the incident but are instead investigating it internally. The Law Enforcement Conduct Commission will “closely monitor the progress of the police investigation of police contact with Mr Lim,” it said in a statement.

“If the Commission has any concerns about the NSW Police Force’s conduct of the investigation, the Commission has the power to step in and take over that investigation itself.”

We’ll just sit here and wait for justice then.