Protesters Gather To Support Sydney Activist Danny Lim After “Brutal” Arrest

Danny Lim

Supporters of beloved Sydney man Danny Lim descended upon a city police station on Sunday to protest the arrest of the 74-year-old.

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Lim, widely known for wearing a home-made sandwich board that pokes fun at political issues, was taken into custody on Friday morning for what the NSW Police later described as “offensive behaviour”.  The activist was later fined.

He had been wearing a sign which read: “SMILE CVN’T! WHY CVNT?” 

Niki Anstiss, who filmed the incident and posted it on Facebook, described Lim’s arrest as “absolutely disgusting.” 

“It was the most spiteful act of bullying I have ever seen and NSW Police Force should be absolutely ashamed of themselves,” she wrote.

The video coupled with images of Lim’s bruised wrists from his arrest sparked intense outrage across social media leading to today’s protest.

According to its Facebook event, today was a “peaceful gathering” to protest the “brutal arrest” of a Sydney icon.

GoFundMe, with a goal of $500, was also set up on Friday in order to help Lim with his court expenses. Justice For Danny Lim has since raised over $1,300.

More than 150 people attended today’s protest including the man himself and his dog, Smarty. Today, Lim sported a large sign that called on politicians to act on chemical contamination.

“I couldn’t thank them enough,” he told the media of his supporters. “I asked for help, help. I told them I had to pick up my dog, Smarty.” 

Lim’s lawyer, Bryan Wrench, also spoke at the event and revealed that his client is considering legal action against the police.

“The only thing offensive was how they treated Danny on that day, and Smarty,” he said. “We are not going to let this go. We are going to fight all the way.”