Sydney sandwich-board folk hero Danny Lim has been vindicated in court after a magistrate found his sign bearing the word “CVN’T” was not criminally offensive.

AAP reports Lim, famous in the city for bringing a bit of vibrancy to the joint, successfully challenged a $500 fine for donning the placard in Barangaroo in January.

Magistrate Jacqueline Milledge told the court his sandwich-board, which bore the phrase “SMILE CVN’T! WHY CVN’T?”, was not edgy enough to meet the legal threshold of causing offence.

Downing Centre Local Court heard the police were called by an individual who said the sign offended her “as a woman,” but Milledge contended the complainant had more delicate sensibilities than the average Australian.

The sign was “provocative and cheeky but it is not offensive,” Milledge said.

Remarkably, this isn’t even the first time Lim has successfully appealed a charge of criminal offense. In 2017, Lim dodged a fine for calling former Prime Minister Tony Abbott a “can’t”, but spelled with an upside-down ‘a’.

Despite the seemingly low stakes at play, hundreds protested in January after eyewitnesses alleged NSW Police Force officers detained Lim with unnecessary force. Photos taken after Lim’s arrest showed bruises down his arms.

One eyewitness added a police officer was on hand to drag Smarty the dog, Lim’s frequent protesting companion, away from the scene.

Lim arrived at today’s court appearance with Smarty scooped in his arms. After today’s court ruling, authorities probably cvn’t pull the same tactics again.