Just When You Thought Sydney Nightlife Couldn’t Be Worse, 4 Clubs Are Now COVID Exposure Sites

In mildly concerning news for all of you Sydney sesh gremlins, at least four pubs-slash-clubs have been linked to COVID-19 cases.

Those spots are Cult Nightclub in Potts Point, the Albion Hotel in Parramatta, the Oxford Tavern in Petersham and the Golden Sheaf Hotel in Double Bay.

Cult Nightclub and the Albion Hotel are the two most recent sites and, according to NSW Health, are both likely to have been visited by someone with the Omicron variant.

They were both visited by confirmed COVID-19 cases who’d been previously linked to an outbreak from a party boat on December 3.

You’re a close contact if you were at:

  • Albion Hotel, Parramatta, 4.30pm – close, Sunday December 5

You need to immediately get tested, self-isolate and follow NSW Health’s rules. That includes self-isolating for seven days if you’re fully vaxxed and for 14 days if you aren’t fully vaxxed.

You’re a casual contact if you were at:

  • Albion Hotel, Parramatta, 11pm – 3am, Friday December 3 to Saturday December 4
  • Cult Nightclub, Potts Point, 9.45pm – 3am, Saturday 4 December to Sunday 5 December

If you’re a casual contact, you’ve got to immediately get tested and self-isolate until you get a negative result, and then monitor for symptoms too.

There’s also an earlier outbreak associated with another Eastern Suburbs spot, the Golden Sheaf Hotel in Double Bay.

You’re officially a casual contact if you were at:

  • Golden Sheaf Hotel, Double Bay, 2.30pm – 9pm, Saturday November 20
  • Golden Sheaf Hotel, Double Bay, 9.15pm – 1am, Saturday November 27

NSW Health is currently concerned about “the increased transmission taking place in larger social venues such as pubs, clubs, and party settings”, which definitely seems fair enough.

The other recent pub-connected outbreak concerns the Inner Westie besties.

You are a close contact if you were at:

  • Oxford Tavern, Petersham, 4.00pm – 10.30pm, Tuesday November 30

MP Jenny Leong, the member for Newtown, posted on her Instagram that 44 people had been diagnosed with COVID-19 after a trivia night at the Oxford Tavern. I never thought we’d be betrayed by pub trivia, but here we are.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, at least 70 COVID-19 cases have been linked back to Sydney pubs.

There’s also a potential case concerning some Australian celebs after someone working at the Opera House during the AACTA awards tested positive. The AACTAs took place at the Sydney Opera House on December 8, and an employee who worked on both the 8th and 9th has now been confirmed as a COVID-19 case.

In a statement to News.com.au, a spokesperson for the venue said “Opera House patrons who attended the site on those dates are not required to take any action unless advised by NSW Health via the Service NSW check-in notifications.”

So, if there are any celebs reading this: keep your eye on your Service NSW app.

In its most recent COVID-19 update, NSW Health said “the transmission in these types of settings is contributing to the increase in cases in NSW and we urge people not to attend social functions if they have any symptoms, even if mild”.

It also confirmed that there are currently 45 cases of the Omicron variant in the state.

So, if you’re showing any symptoms, maybe skip the pub and get a COVID-19 test instead!