Sydney! Check This Truly A+ Hey Hey It’s Saturday-Esque Variety Show TONIGHT

If we’re honest with ourselves, we do pine just a lil’ for simpler times, where Saturday nights revolved entirely around the viewing of a uncomplicated, undemanding variety show. We’ll say it: we sorta miss Hey Hey It’s Saturday

While the chances of this beautiful, iconic, profoundly good/bad variety show returning are slim to none (Daryl Somers recently announced his new Plucka Duck-free gig as a host of a reality show about hypnotism ), we have another option for you if you’re in Sydney tonight. 
Lads Angus Truskett & Andrew Levins do a fucking funny podcast called ‘Hey Fam’ – you’ve probably heard of it, and if you haven’t, you should have – and tonight, they’re taking the pod live and the cast to the stage. 
Hey Fam’s going up on stage, and they’re gonna be doing it with a Hey Hey It’s Saturday’ theme. So far, the show promises an “amazing night of variety, the likes of which have not been seen since the late nineties”, and an A+++ lineup. 
Danny Clayton
Nakkiah Lui
Eliza Reilly
Mitch Orr
Tommy Dassalo

Gen Fricker

Lewi McKirdy

Henry Stone, Alexei Touliopolous
and Cameron James (hosts of our rival podcast The Blank Slate Movie Podcast)

Becky Lucas

Stuart Daulman

Tom Tilley
and, musical guests The Meeting Tree
(Yes, it’s on a Monday. Yes, the event is still called ‘Hey Fam It’s Saturday’. Yes, they are aware of that. Are you here for logic or a variety show tbh?)
Hey Fam It’s Saturday is on tonight, at Giant Dwarf in Redfern. There may or may not be an Entourage skit. Doors open at 7pm. 
The event page is here: