Sleep Well Sydney, The Temp’s Dipping To A Frosty 9 Degrees Overnight 

Sorry Sydney,  it’s your turn to feel the first chill of winter. Basically the cold that has been ripping through Tassie and Victoria is now going to blast its way through most of New South Wales today and tomorrow. Sydney is feeling (or not being able to feel anything anymore) the cold right about now with temperatures plunging by at least 10 degrees.

A disgusting cold front from the south is to blame as it pissed all over Tassie, Melbourne and now NSW with Canberra also in its path.

Nature, inspired by Melbourne’s bipolar weather, had given Sydney today a 26 degree afternoon before the cold reality set in and made a mockery of your outfit choices. So cancel your plans and stay inside, it’s honestly not worth the winter farshun and this, this is when you catch the first winter flu.

And Sydney, tonight, you too can experience what it’s like to live beyond the Wall when temperatures dip to a nice 9 degrees.

The Bureau of Meteorology, New South Wales have been all over this with a handful of tweets to prepare you.

BoM have also issued a warning for severe and damaging winds on Friday AKA please don’t go surfing. Winds are expected to average at 65 km/h toward the Illawarra district while the alpine area in southern NSW will cop a wind speed average of 80km/h.

As for tomorrow, jacket up because Sydney’s going to try and hit 17 degrees which doesn’t sound too bad but according to BoM, the cool wind will make that feel like a -17. At least it’s not going to rain, unless Sydney goes full Melbourne. Never go full Melbourne.

Meanwhile at Perisher, it’ll be 1 degrees if you wanna get the skis out. Snow is expected.

There is a silver lining on this terrible grey cloud though, BoM are expecting the weather to pick back up in the new week. They’ve forecast a spree of 20 and 21 degree days so it’s not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket.

Yes, that is from Miss Congeniality.

Sleep well Sydney, sleep well.