You know how when you somehow forget to charge your phone overnight, or you plug it in but you have a brain fart and forget to plug the charger into the wall? You know that sinking feeling that your day is just gunna be real shit when you wake up and realise you’ve actually got 5% battery and a full day ahead? Ok now think about that feeling, and imagine you’ve forgotten to charge a bionic limb.

Angel Giuffria, and actress and cosplayer who is currently over in Austin, Texas for the tech side of South By South West (SXSW), has a bionic prosthetic arm that needs charging overnight so she can use it while she’s out and about. She realised one morning before a panel that she’d forgotten to plug her arm in overnight to charge up, and so she was stuck in a tech panel with a dead arm – literally.

Calling it a ‘cyborg problem’, which is cute as hell, Angel needed somewhere to plug herself in so she could, y’know, have an arm again.

She ended up finding an available socket up the back of the room, but not after many others who were charging their phones wouldn’t give up their powerpoint for her to plug in. Now please correct me here but I think having a working arm might be a little bit more important than having a fully-charged phone because a phone is pretty fucking useless if your arm’s not working, right?

(Yes I’m aware that people use phones without arms all the time, but these – I assume – able-bodied people probably didn’t need to juice their phones up immediately)

Angel had to get in touch with the hotel she was staying at to retrieve the charger from her room so it could get couriered over to her at the conference, where she hooked her arm up for a couple of hours so she could have use of it again.

People on social media that also have bionic prosthetics have shared their experiences with Angel, including this guy who ripped a hole in his pants one time so he could charge up his leg.

And yes, Angel answered all the questions about how her incredible arm works.

Angel’s using all the attention to her arm and her forgetfulness to champion others, like 12-year-old Jordan Reeves who created and built her own unicorn-like prosthetic that shoots glitter. I love this child so much.

Ahh this whole story rules. Technology and science, it’s just the best.

Image: Twitter