Surprise! The Fake Melbourne Hipster Is From A Family Of Billionaires

Alrighty then. This is the story that will *literally* never stop giving.

Remember the Melbourne hipster? Of course you bloody do. Anyway, The Australian has outed him a being from a family of actual billionaires.

Samuel Hains
, whose alter ego Samuel Davide Harris described his style as “bucolic socialist with improvised elements”, is in fact the grandson of David Hains, Australia’s 14th richest person with an estimated worth of $2.46 billion.

The Hains family, the report continues, is notoriously private (awks), and must all consult one another before making a public statement about their conservative investment group, Portland House. They rarely speak to media.

Sam’s mum is American 80s film star Jane Badler, and his dad Stephen “helps drive” Portland House, whatever that means. His brother Harrison is an aspiring actor / model, which we interpret as being uber rich, kinda hot, and really into the LA lifestyle.

Honestly, this all makes perfect sense. Of course someone who would joke about Chanel capes paired with K-Mart slog would be filthy rich. Of course someone who would falsely attribute a beret to his “dear uncle” would be rolling in it. Of bloody course.

The world, you see, makes sense again.

Source: The Australian.

Photo: The Age.