DRAMA: Melbourne’s Peak Hipster Regrets Those Backwards Overalls

Do we love him? Do we hate him? Is he doing this all for a laugh? “Peak Melbourne” man Samuel Davide Hains has provoked a lot of questions this week.
Found in The Age‘s street fashion section, Hains was picked for his eccentric outfit but noticed by the world for the incredibly articulate and eccentric way he describes his look and himself.
He graced The Independent with an interview that gave us even more solid gold nuggets of poetic beauty like the time he stopped and wept at an Ikea print of Audrey Hepburn.
Whether he’s having us on or not, he is truly a beautiful creature and, lucky for us, he went on the radio to have a chat with 774 ABC.
Asked whether it’s an act, Hains quite cryptically either confirms or denies that it is:
“They don’t think I’m real? … I suppose I think identity is quite fluid and I think that society is a hallucination … maybe we’re all apparitions. Maybe I’m a buddhist.”

He seems to reject the term hipster, or perhaps accept it, it’s kind of difficult to figure out what he might actually be saying:

“Everyone’s calling me a hipster, isn’t that what that means, to conform? … I would say it’s someone that’s blindly following in a kind of trend … I suppose everyone is suggesting that I’m like that.”

The real bombshell is when he admits that he’s not even that big a fan of the outfit he was snapped in:

“I don’t even like that outfit … Since I’ve become viral, my fashion has become inspired by protest. No colours. It would be wrong to wear colours, I think, in times like this.”

We wish him the best of luck in this time of trouble and I hope he can turn this fame into the sort of success he deserves, like becoming a member of Grimes‘ entourage.

Have a listen for your self to this thoughtful young man:
Photo: The Age / Tara Kenny.