Stuntman Who Died On Bliss n Eso Set Posted Vids Of Guns Before Being Shot

It’s come to light that Johann Ofner, the 28-year-old stuntman who tragically died after being shot in the chest on the set of a Bliss n Eso video yesterday, had posted photos and videos of the weapons that were being used previous to his passing. 
The actor showed off the firearms on his Instagram story, which reports are calling “harrowing”. 
In one short video, a case full of guns can be seen, captioned as “Asian gangster props”. 
This was followed by a video of Ofner placing a gun on a table alongside the words “Gun scene for Bliss n Eso”. The video then pans out and shows rolls of prop money, poker chips and dice. 
The most distressing image of all is the Ofner‘s next video, in which he films more guns on the set (including a sawn off shotgun), with the caption, “Faulty props “.
Police are now looking into the type of ammunition used in the guns during the music video shoot, with Detective Inspector Tom Armitt saying the investigation is centred around whether the guns were legal, and why live rounds were used for the filming of a music video. 
Some sources are reporting that the prop gun that was fired was a double-barrel shotgun, but this remains unconfirmed, and Armitt said several firearms were in the bar when they arrived.

Source: Supplied.
Photo: Facebook / Instagram.