Study Confirms Australia Is World’s Most Expensive Country For Goods and Services

As anyone who has forked out around 37 dollars for a coffee, weighed up the viability of taking out a mortgage for the taxi ride home and genuinely wondered how long it will take for scummy sandwiches in the CBD to reach 3 figure prices will know: Australia is expensive as balls. Land of sweeping plains and everything, but expensive. As. Balls.

A survey by Deutsche Bank has mapped out the power of a buck around the planet – comparing how much equal products or services cost in different countries – such as tech items, clothing, insurance and food. Australia has unfortunately come first place in the survey, however its lead over the US has narrowed slightly since last year’s same study.

Take the findings as you will – while Australia may lead over countries such as New Zealand, the UK and the US, price points on housing, rent, and a comparative look at minimum wages are not included. But on face value of goods and services, Australia does come out on top:

The survey also found the most expensive country to buy an iPhone 6 (that honour goes to Brazil; thankfully Australia doesn’t even make the top ten there) and compared the cheapest and most expensive standard men’s haircuts around the globe ($2.40 in Delhi, $49.80 in Zurich). 

Sydney also ranks in the top five most expensive cities to go on a “cheap date” (categorised as 2 movie tickets, cab rides, soft drink and beers). 


Lead image by Brendan Thorne via Getty.