‘Strayans Have Been Memeing The Shit Out Of Jeb Bush’s “America” Gun Tweet

Middle America. It’s a reasonably simple part of the US audience to capture once you figure out that pandering to them basically boils down to mentioning Jesus, the troops, families, guns, and leading the crowd in an occasional U-S-A chant. Think of it as something of a modified-Kang & Kodos platform: “Abortions for none, miniature American flags for all!

Current Republican Presidential nomination hopeful Jeb Bush knows this. And when you’re lagging third in a race behind Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, you’ve really got to get to the point. Fast.
Bush (pictured above, watching all of you tweet and writing your names on a list all like…)
…threw something of a political Hail Mary by taking to Twitter to post a single image that, at least according to him, captures the true essence of ‘MURICA.


And if you think the internet would take a lobbed softball like that and smash it halfway to the freaking moon, you’d be absolutely right.
First came the jokers.

Then it got magnificently nerdy.

And finally, because it’s morning here and fucken oath why not, Australia got well involved.

‘Course, none of us got as blisteringly savage on the whole thing as Edward Snowden did.

But then again none of us have ever dropped a mixtape so fire that we had to flee to Russia.

It’s a good day to be on the internet, you guys.
Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty.