Thieves Stole A $100K Quartz From A NSW Museum & They’ll Need Lots Of Sage To Cleanse Those Vibes

stolen quartz

Some sneaky, dare I say witchy, thieves have stolen a massive quartz crystal worth $100,000 from a NSW museum, which is a great fkn way to guarantee yourself some extra bad juju.

Police are appealing for information after an 80kg smoky quartz grass stone was stolen on Saturday night from a museum in Tingha, in Northern NSW.

Police were told that around 1am on Saturday, an unknown number of people (I’m guessing a coven) entered the museum to nick the giant rock, and officers from New England Police District have now established a crime scene.

A quick google search (I’m no crystal expert) tells me that smoky quartz symbolises “grounding, letting go, and surrendering old wounds”. There is just something so funny to me about a crystal of such chill vibes to have been stolen in the middle of the night in some astrology heist.

Either someone just really wanted to own a very fancy fucking rock, or there is a witchy babe out there who has a very toxic ex she is trying to get over.

I’ll say though, if you’re into crystals, stealing one seems like a poor way to get that positive energy in your clutches. Surely the theft undoes whatever healing magic is meant to come with it? And a rock that size will need a lot of cleansing to not fuck you up. This is incredibly risky business, you should not fuck with energy, etc.

But then again, the Crown Jewels are stolen crystals, and the Royals are really out here living long prosperous lives. So maybe not.

Police are leaving no stone unturned (hehe) regarding their investigation, appealing for anyone who may have been in the area or has any information about the sedimentary heist to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.