Dylan Frost Allegedly Booted From Pub After Argument With Transgender Woman

Sticky Fingers frontman Dylan Frost was reportedly ejected from a Sydney venue early Thursday morning following a heated verbal confrontation, in which he allegedly labelled a transgender woman a “bitch” and expressed his hatred for trans feminists.

Speaking to The Australian, Alexandra V. Tanygina alleges she was with friends at Kelly’s On King when she asked the “million per cent intoxicated” Frost to keep his comments quiet.

Tanygina alleges Frost called her “crazy” before yelling he hates trans feminists – and that he could be neither racist nor misogynist, because he is a Maori and his mother is a feminist.

She alleges Frost also “basically asked me if I wanted to fight” before being escorted away by staff.

A spokesperson for Sticky Fingers told The Australian that Frost was called a racist as he was leaving the venue, and that he verbally defended himself.

She stated they continued to harass Frost before “the manager noticed there was tension and asked them to leave.” She said that Frost then exited the venue.

Tanygina’s allegations come several weeks after Frost directly addressed several confronting claims made against him in the past.

Sticky Fingers is set to depart on a world tour next month after a year on hiatus, during which Frost sought treatment for mental health and alcohol abuse issues.