QLD Deputy Premier Steven Miles Accidentally Called Scott Morrison A C*** At A Brisbane March

Steven Miles

Fuck, Queensland Deputy Premier Steven Miles may have accidentally dropped the c-bomb when referring to Prime Minister Scott Morrison in Brisbane today.

Miles spoke at a Labour Day March in Brisbane and criticised Scott Morrison for attending the Rockhampton Beef Week annual industry awards instead of attending the rally.

“Scott Morrison’s in town, he’s holding $5000-a-seat fundraisers, think about that,” Steven Miles said.

“Albo’s here with us at Labour Day … while Scott Morrison’s charging 5,000 bucks a head to have dinner with him,” he said.

Miles then let out a little freudian slip, accidentally saying “cunt” when he meant to use the word “contrast.”

“What a cunt…contrast,” Miles said.

“Don’t we need … contrast. It’s contrast.”

However, Miles is sure that it was 100% a mistake and at a press conference reassured the media that he would never actually use that word.

“Oh look, I understand that I might have stuttered while speaking earlier and that some in the crowd might have misheard what I said,” he said.

“I want to be very, very clear, whatever I think of the Prime Minister. I would never, ever use language like that.”

Even though it wasn’t Miles’ intention to drop the c-bomb, the slip of the tongue may have actually revealed his true feelings towards the Prime Minister. Recently, Miles claimed that Morrison was using the vaccine rollout to distract from the way women are being treated in Parliament house.

He has also criticised Morrison for not establishing a national quarantine centre in Wellcamp to deal with returning international arrivals, and suggested the recent Brisbane lockdown could have been avoided if that was the case.