This Guy Is Selling Unused Stereosonic 2012 Condoms If Bass Isn’t The Only Thing You Like Hard

Rare artifacts are often hard to come by. Often we scour the country for something worthy of being heralded as a historical item of note, but none truly prove to be worthy of any celebration. Alas, a new champion of Aussie culture has shown itself, a rare piece of history indeed: the Stereosonic condom.

Stereosonic, as we all unfortunately know, was cancelled in 2016. However, this legend has held onto the complimentary Stereosonic condoms from a Tiësto set that were handed out back in 2012, and has decided to sell them, unopened and unused, for a clean $999.

The lubricated latex condoms are being sold by eBay user the_fly_catcher, and are being shipped from the humble streets of Carnegie, Victoria. You knowing that condoms come from the 2012 Tiësto set adds to the vintage charm. It’s basically a collector’s dream.

“Unused… (unfortunately), preen condition from the moment it was obtained from a Tiësto set,” wrote the_fly_catcher on eBay and Facebook marketplace.

“2012 – a relic from the era of the hottest dance music hitting the ears of party lovers and festival goers in a new generation of classic dance rhythms! Since the long-gone days of Australia’s festival scene, Stereosonic has fallen into a timeless memory in the hearts of thousands of ground stompers and music enthusiasts.

“Why not share the love and grab the opportunity to surprise a friend or frame these as a moment of the times!”

It might be worth noting that the only other thing that this user is selling on eBay is sets of Manga and a ’90’s Rip Curl Wallet’. Gotta love a man of culture.

Here’s a pic of the purchase on offer. It’s important to note that most condoms have a shelf life of three to five years.

stereosonic condoms
All this could be yours for just nine easy payments of $111.

Just to jot your memory, the lineup for 2012’s Stereosonic involved artists such as Tiësto, Avicii, Calvin Harris, Major Lazer, Martin Solveig, Diplo, Duke Dumont, Example, Carl Cox and Markus Schulz, just to name a few.

All that hard bass rattled through the sky has surely given these frangas a certain sense of magic, right? Maybe not luck, but magic for sure.

stereosonic condoms
One simply must admire a piece of history.

If you have $999 to spare you can head to eBay or Facebook marketplace to make your legendary purchase of the Stereosonic condoms today.