Spiders Are Ensnaring Snakes In WA And Who’s Ready To Move To The Moon?

Anyone who’s ever labelled Australia “The Lucky Country” clearly hasn’t had to go into a garden shed on a hot summer’s day before.

If the blast of heat from those sweat boxes of death weren’t enough to rip the soul from your body, the treasure trove of multi-legged hell-beasts that conveniently fucking love hanging out in the them shits definitely were.
And god help you if your eyes ever landed on anything other than the exact thing you needed. The true horror of the shed only reveals itself when you forget to keep your eyes on the prize.
Most of the time? Boom. In and out. Straight to the shovel or lawnmower.
But sometime you slip up and let your eyes wander. And then sometimes that means you see some messed up shit like SPIDERS CATCHING SNAKES IN THEIR WEBS.

The footage, captured by Western Australian woman Jennifer Fox, is of a pair of baby snakes caught in the web of a redback spider on her property in Dongara.
Fox, along with her husband, were in the process of moving into the property at the time.

“We had come down to move in more of our belongings and when we opened the door to the shed their were dozens of baby snakes caught in webs.”

“Some were still alive and the harder they wriggled the more entrapped they came.”

Ok. Yes, I see. Now then, please excuse me for a moment, I’m just going to pop off and burn every house to the ground because FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK this country.

Source: Yahoo News.
Photo: Jennifer Fox/Facebook.