Everyone’s going mad about the so-called supermoon tonight – which is, to my understanding, the regular moon except extremely large. To the point that many, many thousands of people have told Facebook they’ll be descending on Sydney‘s Coogee Beach to stare at it.

Well, unfortunate news for Sydneysiders: your view of the moon’s biggest and very brightest display in 70 years is probably going to be ruined by a bunch of goddamn clouds.

Yup. Are you from anywhere in Australia except Sydney. Amazing! You’re going to see the supermoon in all of its celestial glory. But Sydney…

“It looks like there’s going to be a layer of cloud from a couple of thousand feet above the surface, to a bit higher than that, so it is going to be reasonably cloudy,” Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Sarah Chadwick said. “You might be lucky and get a couple of breaks but I’m thinking the odds are against you.”

Never fear. Though this is technically the biggest the moon will be, your stupid human eyes probably can’t distinguish shit. There’ll be another, slightly tinier supermoon on December 14, anyway.

Look, a whole bunch of you are probably going to stand on beaches looking at it anyway. Good luck to ya.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald.

Photo: Getty Images / James D. Morgan.