Someone Is Trying To Slip Poisoned Fruit Into Gina Reinhart’s Mine

Relevant for reasons that fall directly under “Disney villain” territory, it turns out that over at Gina Reinhart‘s new mine at Roy Hill, something is not right. Indeed, something is quite wrong.

At the Wicked Witch of the West(ern Australia)’s brand spanking new $7.2billion facility, someone’s been trying to slip poisoned fruit into the mess hall.

*dramatic music sting*

The company stated that the offending item was found by a contractor at the facility, who raised the alarm after he noticed that it had an “unusual discolouration” – side note, please resist all urges to Google that phrase. That’s a rabbit hole you do NOT want to fall down, believe me.

The matter has been handed off to police to deal with, who in return have placed a Prince Charming with unusually wet lips on standby should anyone at the mine happen to consume the tainted apple and fall into a coma, with several dwarves at the mine enlisted to guard the fallen fairest of them all in a magical forest bed until his Royal Kissyface’s arrival.

Photo: Tony Ashby via Getty Images

via SMH.