Well this won’t last very long.

Folks, it is the blessed one day of the year where we abandon logic and reason to embrace the American way of writing the date purely for the sake of a weed joke.

The blessed 4/20 is finally upon us for another year, and it would appear that some anonymous group is taking the debate over medicinal and recreation cannabis to the front lines of ah… Kings Cross.

A group reportedly going by the name of ‘Craze‘ has set up a hydroponic weed pop-up on William Street in the famous Sydney suburb, taking over a shopfront and putting what appears to be a rather large growing operation on display in full view of people passing by.

The “store” is set up underneath large banners displaying the phrase “WHO ARE WE HURTING?” and seems to be intended as an act of process against the continued criminalisation of marijuana possession.

The group, who remain unidentified, gave a very short explanation of the stunt, asserting that they were sparking debate about the “inadequate laws turning them into criminals,” and intended to “demonstrate the new wave of stoners in the heart of the city killed by alcohol fuelled violence.”

At the time of writing the display was still active near the corner of William and Dowling Streets, with curious bystanders stopping by to look and take selfies with the installation.

Though with anything like this you can be certain it won’t be long before the goddamned FUN POLICE (or, y’know, the *actual* police) rock up to tear it down.

So if you’re keen to cop a squizz, we suggest hopping to it.

Happy 4/20, fellow bong enthusiasts!

Source: Dopamine.

Photos: Jason Dickens/Facebook.