In the past few months, there’s been multiple shark attacks and even more shark sightings at Ballina and Lighthouse Beach

Rather than educate residents and install safety programs, NSW‘s Baird government has instead gone straight for their signature move: a band-aid fix that is harmful to the environment, and fixes nothing in the long-term. NICE.

Mike Baird today visited Ballina to give a press conference about a 6-month trial of shark nets being installed. 

However, a large number of residents and anti-shark net protestors were waiting at the press conference site, the Lance Ferris Wharf, to give Baird a piece of their mind about the nets, which will harm the marine wildlife in the area.

Unfortunately Baird reportedly never showed up to the wharf, instead changing the location at the last minute, and having the conference at the Ballina Marine Rescue Tower.

However, protestors managed to meet him there. People were reportedly holding signs saying ‘BAIRD = ECO-VANDAL‘, and yelling ‘no shark nets’ and ‘don’t harm marine life’ at the Premier

Protestors chanted so loudly, that at times Baird was forced to lean forward just to be able to hear questions from reporters. 

Some protestors managed to confront Baird about the decision:

It’s also being reported that a man called Dean Jeffreys is being spoken to by police and potentially arrested for throwing a shark net over Mike Baird, all while dressed in a cartoon shark costume. 

Yes, you read correctly!

Here he is being spoken to by the po-po:

And there’s been a pretty stock-standard response from Aussies about it:


With the overhaul of the ICAC, and now this – it’s been yet another backlash-filled week for ol’ Casino Mike

We’ll update this story as soon as more information arises. 

Source: Twitter. 

Photo: Twitter / @sarahgerathy.