The end of 2017 brought with it the traditional whingeing about what a shithouse year it’s been, but it’s safe to say that Serena Williams has not been joining in with the 2017-bashing because she just really had an epic bloody time of it.

Kicking things off by winning her 23rd Gram Slam title at Melbourne Park (while pregnant, no less), Williams also gave birth to her first child Alexis Olympia in September and tied the knot with Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian in November. So it’s understandable that instead of having a big sook about the year that was, she’s instead celebrating it on social media.

Taking to Instagram, Williams has been posting some really lovely Top 10 collections, including some personal moments and another one dedicated to her husbo Alexis.

But of course, Williams waited until the last day of 2017 (US time) to share the most adorable, squee-worthy Insta gallery of them all: 10 videos of her lil’ bebe girl.

She captioned the post: “They say save the best for last. I could not choose so I just chose 10 random videos. They were all so cute to me.” Us too, Serena. Us too.

Just look at this tiny little bundle of cuteness and her two very excited parents:

It’s just so nice. And don’t we all deserve some Good News now and then?

Here are her other two top 10 posts, just in case you wanted to cry some more.

I would like to share another top ten moment of this year. Featuring my husband. He's my rock my backbone my love. I am so lucky to have found this wonderful man that treats me better than a queen. 1. This is where he proposed to me all the way in Rome. At the exact same table we met. 2. He puts up with my incorrigible immaturity ???? 3. I said yes ???? 4. Our first trip as a engaged couple. Little did we know I was 4 weeks pregnant! ???????????? 5. Getting ready for the Met Gala 6. Both of us in our @versace_official finest for the Met gala 7. Our baby moon 8. You may now kiss the bride. 9. Alexis first introduce me as his wife ???????? 10. King and Queen at last. I love you Alexis you make me excited to wake up every morning knowing I'll get to see you. Wedding photos by Mel Barlow and Allan Zepeda @melbarlowandco @allanzepedaphotography

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Now that we’re done with that, let’s all get together and pray that our 2018 is half as good as Williams’ 2017.



Image: Instagram / @serenawilliams